My Projects

Here, you will discover some of my works, completed or still in progress, personal or resulting from commissions ordered by individuals, businesses or institutions.

My graphic skills, combined to my professional experience in communication, always incite me to seek new vantage points to illustrate our everyday life in original ways. Thanks to my numerous works and projects, I have had the great opportunity to meet a variety of persons: several Nobel prize winners, scientists, artists (comedians, singers, painters, and sculptors), executives from multinational companies… These encounters have helped me transcend every prejudice while discovering a world different than the one presented in the media.

My works can expand into exhibitions and / or be published. If you have a desire or a need, an idea you would wish to illustrate, for your company or privately, feel free to get in touch with me.

The human face of science

Many of my close friends are scientists. Biologists, mathematicians, economists… When I am with non-scientist friends or acquaintances, they always have trouble with the idea that I have so many friends who are scientists. Even more than that, without meeting them, they imagine our dinner party conversations - boring, with a lot of intellectual talk. In fact the opposite is the case. Scientists like thinking, it’s true, but like other people they also like having fun, drinking beer, eating a good meal, playing games, music, running, or other sports. They struggle with preparing their taxes, complain about the price of gas; work hard at raising their children… In other words, they are like you and me.

Scientists need to communicate more with regular people. They are developing ideas that will change all our lives. This project is my contribution to building a bridge between us. (Go to page...)

The man behind the helmet

I approached this subject in the same frame of mind as The Human Face of Science, another of my projects. I am not so much interested in the uniform as in the man who lives underneath.

have had the great opportunity to follow the firemen of two very different countries during their operations and trainings. By being as close as possible to the action, even if I was not one of them, I can attest that, even though methods, philosophy and protocols may differ, these men are inspired by the same desires, the same will, and united by the same fraternity. (Go to page)