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Photo Travel

Very often, when showing pictures of my trips, people ask me two questions: “Would you have a little bit of space for me in your luggage, next time you go?” and, if the person is interested in photography, “What kinds of settings did you use?”.

I truly think that these questions demonstrate a real interest, and that is the reason why I am considering organizing photo travels. I am envisioning small groups; everything would be taken care of, from the arrival to the airport to the return journey, about ten days later. I view these excursions as mini road-trips, with no more than two or three hours of driving each day, with, perhaps, the exception of one or two days when we would visit a remarkable place of interest. It would be an all-inclusive experience: hotels, meals, transportation, car rentals, photo spots… The only variable would be the weather.

I am currently considering several journeys in the American canyons, the state of Maine, or Scotland.

The ambition is to welcome everybody, without requirements regarding equipment (even if, obviously, the person must at least possess her or his own camera, even if it’s only a compact) or level of expertise (one has the right to be a beginner and love beautiful scenery). For one person, or two or three, or even a group of friends, there are no restrictions.

I hope to be able to organize those trips by 2018, but if you are already interested, feel free to get in touch with me: